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 Why use an online system?

Hand writing observations, printing out photos, cutting out and sticking all of these into a paper book is very time consuming. By taking photos and videos that can be uploaded, this increases the time that staff can spend with your children, supporting their learning. In 2015, we introduced Tapestry. We are extremely impressed with the ways in which parents and family members are able to engage with the system, and feedback tells us parents enjoy being able to see what their children have been up to, and share it with Grandparents etc. Because the system is online, you can access your account 24/7.

How do I get onto the system?

On your Registration Form, you can consent to us setting up a Tapestry account for your child using the email address you have provided. We will email you via Tapestry with your log in details. When you click the email link, you will be invited to create a password and PIN number unique to you – so don’t forget it! This needs to be done within 24 hours or the link may deactivate. You can access Tapestry online at as well as downloading the free app (available on Apple and Android devices).

Can I be involved with my child’s Tapestry?

Yes, and that is a huge reason we fell in love with it! Once you’re set up, you can add photos and comments from home as often as you like, so it’s a fantastic way of keeping in touch with your Keyperson, and sharing what you’ve been up to at home.

What security is in place?

Tapestry is owned by The Foundation Stage Forum, an early years organisation that has been running since 2003.  They have contracts with dozens of local authorities, and have had for over 10 years. We own the data that is put onto Tapestry, so even they can not access it without our permission. We are registered with the ICO and adhere to all Data Protection and GDPR legislation. The Tapestry web service and data are hosted in a ‘cloud hosting’ environment operated by AWS in the EU (the largest provider in the world). They provide a secure platform for some of the world’s largest online service providers. However, it is your responsibility to ensure your password and the device you are using are secure.

Who can see my child’s photos and videos?

It is a condition of joining our Tapestry system that you never share any part of your child’s learning journal electronically, including on social media. When you sign our Registration Form, there is a consent regarding photos on Tapestry. On signing this, you consent that your child’s photo may appear in other children’s journals (for example in group activities).

What happens when my child leaves?

You are able to download your child’s Learning Journal, so you have it to keep for years to come.

I am not very confident on computers or the internet, how can I use it?

One of the reasons we chose Tapestry was its ease of us. It is a simple system to navigate around, and you can set your account to email you notifications each time something is added. If you do have any problems, please speak to a staff member, who will be more than happy to assist.

I don’t have a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, how can I access Tapestry?

If you can not access your account on any device, then you will be able to view your child’s Online Learning Journal at Parent Consultations throughout the year.