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We are caring for children, and therefore take our responsibilities very seriously. We are obligated to much legislation and have many Policies and Procedures in place. We have developed our Terms and Conditions to make it clear to families what to expect from us, and what we expect from them. However as you can appreciate, there is a significant amount of ‘day to day’ practice that can not be reasonably documented in these key terms, so please also refer to our Settings Policies which can be downloaded below.

 1) Parents/carers must read and adhere to our Setting Policies, including our Payment Policy (available on our website).

2) Parents/carers may terminate their child(s) fee paying place with a minimum of 1 month’s notice, in writing. Government funding is tied in per term, so you will not be able to switch your funding to a new provider mid-term.

3) We hold registrations and insurances required by law. Certificates are displayed in the entrance area.

4) We abide to the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five. We are registered with and inspected by Ofsted.

5) Our Complaints Procedure can be found on our website and Parent Information Board.

6) Parents/carers must keep us updated with changes in circumstances, including contact details, health conditions etc & ensure emergency contact names given have agreed to act in this role.

7) Parents/carers should inform us at their earliest convenience if their child is going to be absent.

8) We have strict collection procedures in place. Parents/carers should advise us in advance if somebody else will be collecting their child. We reserve the right to refuse collection if the adult does not meet our safe collection procedure.

9) Parents/carers should not disclose the security gate code to children.

10) If a child sustains a minor injury whilst in our care, we will send a generic notification message to the main carer. For any serious injuries (or head injuries), we will telephone. Parents/carers must sign the appropriate form on collection.

11) Parents/carers must sign an ‘Existing Injuries’ form if their child attends with any injury sustained elsewhere prior to starting session.

12) We are only permitted to administer medication when it is prescribed by a GP, with the prescription label clearly showing the child’s name, and is in date. Parents/carers must sign the Administration of Medicine consent form.

13) We have a duty of care to all children in our care and will deal with any child protection or safeguarding issues in a prompt and professional manner, in line with our policies and procedures. Parents/carers should understand and appreciate us discussing any concerns with them in the first instance.

14) Intimate care procedures such as nappy changing may be carried out by any member of staff who has met our Safer Recruitment requirements.

15) We can not accept any responsibility for personal items brought in by children, including but not limited to items of clothing, toys, bags, comforters etc.

16) We expect our families to have reasonable standards of behaviour at all times, and demonstrate respect and tolerance for all. We will deal with any discriminatory or unacceptable behaviour swiftly. This could result in termination of a child’s place.

17) We have a strict ‘No Mobile Phone’ policy in our setting.

18) Parents/carers should abide by our ’48 hour’ rule for sickness and diarrhoea to prevent spread of infection.

19) We are registered and inspected by the local authority for Food Safety and pride ourselves on promoting healthy lifestyles. Parents/carers should keep us updated with any changes to children’s dietary requirements and provide a healthy, well balanced packed lunch (where appropriate).

20) We are part of the Sun Safe Nurseries scheme, developed by the National Skin Cancer Charity ‘Skcin’. Parents/carers must apply children’s sunscreen before arrival (8 hour version if all day) and provide them with an appropriate hat to help protect them from over-exposure to UV during outdoor play. They should also refer to our Sun Safety Fact Sheet in the welcome pack.

21) We promote and encourage children from a young age to be independent and confident learners who gain skills to prepare them for school. Children are encouraged to carry out appropriate tasks independently e.g. going to wash their hands or going to find their coat etc. Children will always be within sight or hearing.

22) Parents/carers are made very aware of our Curiosity Approach accreditation and setting values prior to enrolment. This includes but is not limited to; risky play, loose parts, real life items e.g. tools/scissors/cutlery/china cups, use of natural materials, positive behaviour management strategies, child-led learning through play and more.

23) We believe appropriate ‘risk taking’ is a crucial part to children’s development, and promotes confidence and self-belief. We regularly use our forest area, climb trees, encourage jumping and balancing and much more. These activities form our everyday practice and are supervised in line with statutory adult:child ratios. Parents/carers should speak to us if they have any concerns.

24) We promote messy and sensory play, including but not limited to; paint, water, mud, play dough, colouring, baking, gluing and much more. Parents/carers should understand the possible consequences of such play.

25) We highly value our partnerships with parents/carers, and strive to build professional, open and trusting relationships with all families. Parents/carers should actively participate in their child’s learning and development by contributing on Tapestry, attending parent consultations and joining us for Stay and Play sessions when possible.

26) Parent/carers should keep up to date with newsletters and other communication.

27) Parents/carers are not permitted to park in the school car park, or anywhere in the vicinity of the care home, or on double yellow lines, or in front of driveways.

28) Parents/carers are expected to cover the replacement cost of any deliberate damage to setting/staff/others equipment or belongings. 

29) We may terminate a place with immediate effect, if a child's behaviour regularly threatens the safety of others, after exhausting all reasonable adjustments. 

30) Our Terms and Conditions are updated in line with changes to legislation and our Policies and Procedures.